Foot and ankle

Your feet are amazing The average person walks 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day (source from: Its phenominal when you think about it. The Foot and Ankle Joint Anatomy The ankle joint is formed by 3 main bones tibia, fibula and talus. The foot has 26 bones, as a result, the foot and ankle contains […]

The Spine Anatomy

The Human Spine The human spine has 33 bones this allows twisting, bending, and rotation And it protects the spinal cord. The spine has 5 regions: Cervical spine: C1-C7 Thoracic spine: T1-T12 Lumbar spine: L1-L5 Sacral spine: S1-S5 Coccyx The spine is an “S” curve: the neck is concave, and the middle is convex, and the […]

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Standing arm series facing out – 2

Setup 2 light springs attached to slider bar with handles, slider bar should be positioned so that springs ar just below armpit level Body Position Standing facing away from the trapeze table, hands holding handles, neutral spine position with body in slight forward lean. Movement/breathing Lunge, exhale to punch one arm forward and simultaneously step […]

Criss Cross

Setup Reformer, legs in straps   Body position Start Criss Cross in supine on the reforemer, knees in table top position and in straps, hands behind the head, elbows wide.  Upper body curled up in chest lift position   Movement/ Suggested breathing Upon exhalation rotate the upper torso to the left draw the left knee […]


Setup Mat   Body position Start the Corkscrew in supine with knees to chest and arms on mat   Movement/Suggested breathing Stretch the legs towards the ceiling, exhale and roll over into shoulder stand, legs parallel to the mat.  Aim the toes over the right shoulder and begin to roll down the right side of […]

Spread Eagle

Setup Reformer, top slider bar and springs out of the way   Body Position Start Spread Eagle in stand facing away from the tower bar with ankles dorsiflexed and balls of feet against the upright bars; hands are grasping upright bars at lower sternum level with elbow bent to 90 degrees   Movement/ Suggested breathing […]

Hanging Series, Hanging Up Half And Full

Setup Reformer, lambs wool loops (fuzzies) attached to upper bars, for optimal safety non skid on upper bars for hand grip careful spotting when entering and exiting the fuzzies   Body Position Start the Hanging Series with extended arms, hands holding onto the upper horizontal frame of the trapeze table and the feet in the […]

Press Up With Handles

Setup Pilates Chair, 1-2 heavy springs, pedals together handles attached adjusted according to height   Body Position Start the Press Up With Handles with the feet on pedals and heels lifted, standing facing away from the chair, hands holding onto handles   Movement/ Suggested breathing Inhale to prepare, exhale to push body up toward ceiling […]

Leg Circles

Setup Reformer, long straps   Body Position Start the Leg Circles in supine hands with palms down arms at sides one leg extended on mat, other leg reaching toward the ceiling, knees extended or partially flexed torso in neutral   Movement/ Suggested breathing Inhale to circle the raised leg inward toward the body, crossing the […]