Moorgate Physiotherapy Clinic


Recognised by all major healthcare providers 

Movement Perfected Moorgate Physiotherapy, Pilates and Personal Training

A: 65 London Wall, London, EC2M 5TU

T: 02035533663


The Moorgate Physiotherapy Clinic is recognised by all Major Health insurance companies


At Movement Perfected, located on London Wall in the EC2M 5TU area.  Physiotherapy services aimed at assessing, diagnosing, and treating musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. The physiotherapy approach is rooted in research and clinical expertise, ensuring that clients receive evidence-based and individualized care.

The physiotherapy services at Movement Perfected will include:

  • Assessment and Diagnosis: Their experienced physiotherapists conduct thorough assessments to understand the client’s condition, identify the root causes of their symptoms, and develop an accurate diagnosis.
  • Treatment Planning: Based on the assessment findings, a personalized treatment plan is developed, taking into account the client’s specific goals, needs, and any existing movement limitations or pain.
  • Manual Therapy: Physiotherapists at Movement Perfected may utilize hands-on techniques such as joint mobilization, soft tissue release, and manual stretching to address pain, improve mobility, and optimize movement patterns.
  • Exercise Rehabilitation: They design and guide clients through tailored exercise programs to enhance strength, stability, flexibility, and overall movement quality. These exercises may focus on functional movements and can be progressed over time to promote long-term improvements.
  • Education and Self-Management: Clients are provided with education and guidance on self-management strategies, including home exercises, ergonomics, postural awareness, and injury prevention techniques. Empowering clients with knowledge enables them to take an active role in their recovery and long-term well-being.


Public Transport.

the Moorgate Physiotherapy clinic is conveniently located near several stations and is easily accessible by various modes of transportation. The closest stations to the clinic are:

  • Moorgate Station: It is approximately a 5-minute walk from the clinic.
  • Liverpool Street Station: It is approximately a 5-minute walk from the clinic.
  • Bank Station: It is approximately a 6-minute walk from the clinic.

In addition to these stations, there are also many bus options available depending on the direction you are coming from. This provides flexibility and convenience for clients traveling to the Moorgate Physiotherapy clinic.

By Car

Parking can be found on Finsbury Circus and a large underground parking can be found on london Wall,  Click here for directions.   Please be aware that we are in the congestion charge zone.