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Physiotherapy is a clinical health profession that aims to rehabilitate you following injury and improve movement. Our team uses the latest research and proven treatment methods to ensure you recover and build up resistance in the best way for your lifestyle.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy return to the sport you love and improve your performance. Our team will help you through injury and onto performance with individuallised plans for you to maximise your potential and get back on out there. All of us enjoy sport and understand what an important part of life it is for many of you.

Pilates Service

Online Pilates

Pilates is a mind and body exercise series that helps you improve joint health, strength and flexibility. It is whole body and improves alignment and posture. Our team are specialists in movement patterns and will adjust each exercise to ensure you make great progress.

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates, a great way to improve core strength, posture and movement intelligence. Fun classes, with only 4 people at a time to ensure the best results.  The studio is brand new with the latest balanced body reformers

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According to trusted reviews from Trust Pilot and Google Our clients rate us as excellent. This is great news and we love reviews because it helps us learn and provide the best service possible

I came to see Emmanuel shortly after I recovered from a serious injury because I needed help and support to get back to running in a healthy way. Also, how I could strengthen my body to accommodate the sudden increase in activity, load and intensity. Since then we've been working closely together and he's been very supportive on both the physical and mental side of the recovery, helping me understand the importance of patience and why we focus on certain exercises, how they will effect my running and where their impact should be reflected in my progress. Likewise, the structure of my workouts and how to recover properly in between the harder as well as easier sessions. He always listens carefully and truly comprehend to translate my expressions into the physical signs that they really are. I can see a great progress already and will continue to work closely with Emmanuel for a longer period of time - seriously, if your body isn't happy, do yourself the favor of seeing him or someone else from the Movement Perfected team. Let them help you. They really do know what they're doing and I couldn't recommend them enough!
Kristine Østergaard
19:37 18 Aug 18
Staff are very friendly and efficient. Emmanuel is a great therapist, he's very knowledgeable in his field and take the time to understand his clients needs. After my first session I was able to go out for a short run the next day. I would definitely recommend movement perfected and Emmanuel as a therapist.
Marika Lecointe
07:13 19 Aug 18
I’ve been seeing Chris off and on for years for various injuries and he’s exemplar. He’s also seen various members of my team I’ve sent in his direction for treatment who have been successfully treated. Fully client focussed and outcome oriented. I have no hesitation recommending him or his team
Jo Rees-Hayward
20:18 02 Aug 18
I cant speak highly enough of the service and treatment I have revived at Movement Perfected.The advice and treatment i have received have been first class. Firstly its cured the issue I went in with and has me know felling stronger than before the issue.Manni my physio kept everything really simple explaining each process and exercise so I understood why I was doing it and what it was going to achieve. We focused a lot on technique and the quality of the exercise before building on intensity, really important for me as I would try and muscle through an exercise leaving myself open to injury with Manni's coaching this now isn't the case and I've been able to build on my strength and conditioning safely.Friendly and helpful reception, and the appointment reminders are really useful I highly recommend Movement Perfected and will direct anyone with any issues to them without a second though
Tom Thurlow
11:36 19 Sep 18
The staff is helpful and friendly. Their Physio sessions are excellent.
Khadiatou Diallo
15:48 03 Sep 18
Treated as individual with personalised and well considered treatment plans. Would not hesitate to recommend.
Bel January
13:22 26 Nov 18
Having had multiple tears to my left knee, I've been going twice a week to physio with Movement Perfected for 2months. The sessions are well structured and I'm amazed at the difference it has made to my strength and recovery period. I would definitely recommend it!
r pindoria
00:13 06 Dec 18
Been really helpful in getting the strength and movement back in my knee following an injury. They listen to your questions and provide training plans to help recovery.
Mark Quinn
18:52 09 Dec 18
We went to an amazing yoga class here - virtually one-on-one attention. Highly recommended.
Mary Dewhurst
17:04 08 Mar 19
Scott Branny came highly recommended by a friend, and I'm very glad I took their advice. Scott is the best Physio I've ever visited, he treated and fixed my ongoing backpain which had become a constant issue. Scott is extremely knowledgeable and takes a serious vested interest in seeing his patients get back to 100%. I can confidently recommend anyone looking for help with a bad back, or other physio issues to see Scott if you want a top quality physiotherapist.
Thomas Urbanek
17:32 19 Mar 19
Great & extremely professional physiotherapy from Emmanuel Ovola. After an initial consultation and session, Emmanuel identified the root cause of my symptoms and put together a programme for our sessions and for me to do at home. His studios had a great range of equipment and I saw immediate improvement after a few sessions. Emmanuel is a great physiotherapist and was a pleasure to work with, I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.
Peter Dolukhanov
14:57 10 May 19
Been really helpful in getting the strength and movement back in my knee following an injury. They listen to your questions and provide training plans to help recovery.
Mark Quinn
12:48 13 May 19
I would highly recommend Movement Perfected for any athlete. I am a keen runner who who came to Emmanuel with a hip problem. Through his physio expertise and in depth knowledge of the sport I am already on the road to recovery!
Alex Raybould
07:35 22 May 19
Movement Perfected has the best pilates teacher I have ever had!!. I have been doing classes with Elinor East for nearly 3 years and no two classes are ever the same. I have also had 1:1 sessions for specific injuries and her depth of knowledge is excellent, she is a very caring and warm person. I would definitely recommend Movement Perfected to anyone.
Nicola Devane
20:09 12 Jun 19
I began a course of sessions with Emmanuel having struggled with persistent knee pain when running. My program set out to strengthen relevant muscles and was ideally integrated within ongoing training. The positive results were fast and obvious: an all round excellent service.
Matthew Rallison
16:26 12 Jul 19
Excellent practice. Worked with Emmanuel who was excellent. As a runner, I really appreciated his knowledge of the sport. It was refreshing to work with a physio who wants their clients to succeed and would celebrate the successes. His approach is also very holistic. Again something that is refreshing. He has left me more confident to deal with small niggles myself and has helped me get back to regularly running (5 times a week).I feel like a stronger runner both physically and mentally after the sessions at Movement Perfected. I would recommend them highly (and regularly do).
Oliver Parsons
08:13 13 Jul 19
Quite easily the most successful course of physio I have been through in the last 10 years since my car accident. I was referred to Chris Pettit by the "best rheumatologist in London" according to the occupational health doctor. I feel this physio practice stands head and shoulders above others due to their highly academic credentials and approach to therapy, rather than 'off-the-shelf' exercises that every other physio will give you. I've been through both NHS and private, PTs, physios and chiropractors (where one said he had to discharge me because he could do no more) but this has made the biggest impact on my quality of life of them all and what I have learnt will help me manage in the long term.
Alex McGuinness
12:27 29 Jul 19
Great overall experience. I worked with Scott, who was able to help with a knee injury I had - prescribing some really helpful rehabilitation exercises that allowed me to get back to my usual training regime after about 6-8 weeks.
Alex Capras
13:50 20 Dec 19
Consistently amazing Pilates and Physio based sessions with Elinor (and Megan). Always individually tailored with a focus on strength, flexibility and rehabilitation when needed. Elinor’s new weekly online Pilates mat classes are not just fun but also challenging and so easy to join up.
L Magnus
11:07 09 Apr 20
Excellent initial session with relevant exercise details provided afterwards.
Martin Black
10:01 05 Aug 20
I visited Movement Perfected for lower back pain. I consulted Liz Morgans and Scott Branny. Both of them were extremely competent and professional. After the sessions, I received detailed exercise plans and instructions. During lockdown, Scott was able to seamlessly transition to video consultations. After lockdown was lifted, there were safety measures in place to enable in person consultations. I wholeheartedly recommend Movement Perfected and especially, Scott.
Ritwik Bhattacharya
09:14 04 Sep 20

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May 05,2020

Calf Strains – what happens, and how to recover?

The calf is made up of three muscles: Gastrocnemius  Soleus Plantaris  The gastrocnemius is the largest and most commonly strained muscle.  It crosses three joints, knee, ankle and metatarsals in the foot. The most common place for a strain is on the middle inside portion of the muscle.  Halfway up on the inside of the […]

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April 28,2020

Why training gets results?

Your body changes to adapt to the stresses you do or don’t put it under.  The goal of training is to load the body in ways that cause it to adapt and develop positively towards your goals.  It is this concept that led me to the name Movement Perfected.    Training should evolve and adapt as […]

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April 28,2020

Runners Stretching, why and how?

4 Top Benefits of stretching  Reduces muscle tension and helps relaxation, through improved circulation and oxygen exchange.  It improves ease of movement, which in turn helps improve coordination through the range. Injury prevention, begin more supple, helps your body adapt to loads. It helps produce smooth muscle contraction. And because of the above, it helps […]

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