Why training gets results?


Your body changes to adapt to the stresses you do or don’t put it under.  The goal of training is to load the body in ways that cause it to adapt and develop positively towards your goals.  It is this concept that led me to the name Movement Perfected.   

Training should evolve and adapt as your body adapts.  It is the compounding effect of small incremental changes that develop different aspects of fitness.   Professional athletes use periodized training plans, breaking their performance needs into sections to build towards the results.   It is this methodical and graded approach that has been shown in the literature to achieve the best results. 

At Movement Perfected, we develop progressive plans to work from current movement patterns and strengths to your goals, within the context of your lifestyle and time commitments.


The two diagrams below show what happens after a targeted training stimulus with the correct load.  

The stimulus leads to fatigue, which the body then reacts to by overcompensating.  It builds if it has the resources (nutrition, rest, etc) and overcompensates, making it more resistant to future episodes of the same stimulus. 


Load added  – Foot, calf, quads, glutes, lower, middle and upper back, shoulders and arms


Brings on the fatigue of the above areas, the bias of this exercise is quadriceps.

After Scott finishes his training, his body will start a cascade of events to improve the areas that were overloaded.


If Scott progressively overloads 2-3 times per week allowing, time for the overcompensation period to happen, his body will improve its resistance to the load. 


The above pattern will improve the performance of your muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and nervous systems on all matched tasks.