25 Aug

Movement Perfected Cycle Club

Join the – Movement Perfected Cycle club  The movement perfected cycle club is a club that uses strava to posts rides and cycling tips for its members.   A club that will help you enjoy cycling that little bit more.  Its free to join, just click on the link above and follow us on Strava. This weeks Movement […]

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23 Jun

Cyclist’s Palsy or Ulnar Neuropathy

Cycling is commonly associated with nerve injuries, with cyclist’s palsy being the most common one (O’Connor et al., 2013).   Function: Caused by a hyperextended position of the wrist resting on the handlebars or hoods, the ulnar nerve becomes irritated and compressed in the wrist within or distal the Guyon’s canal. This is due to […]

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08 Jun

How Physiotherapists Help Related Injuries

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