Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Injuries aren’t fun, but our team is here to help.   providing a wide range of treatment techniques and are recognized as health care providers for all major health insurance companies.  They provide the latest treatment to rehabilitate sports injuries and get their clients back to the sport they love in the quickest possible time.    All our Physiotherapists are HPCP registered and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Members.   Additionally, we are recognised by Physio First, providing regular research data to the University of Brighton to validate our Treatment.


Sports Physiotherapy Treatment

  • Diagnosis of the problem
  • Treatment plan outlining the goals and expectations
  • Treatment from the first session, with clear explanations,  we use programs, myphysiorehab and phydeo to ensure clear explanations
  • Onward referral details if needed.  Our Physiotherapists are very experienced and know what can and what cannot be treated by Physiotherapy.  If an onward referral is needed for a Scan or to a GP, Sports Medicine Doctor, or Consultant they will provide all the information required, making the healthcare a smooth process, and ensuring you are getting the best evidence-based treatment.
  • Development of ongoing exercise management plan in line with your Sports goals


Physiotherapy treatment Techniques

  • Education
  • Soft tissue Mobilisation
  • Joint Mobilisation and Manipulation
  • Electrotherapy, U/s and Compex Machine
  • Biomechanical Analysis, gait, running technique and postural, using the Dorsivi Sensors
  • Exercise Therapy
    • Sports Specific exercise plans
    • Clinical Pilates, Machine and Mat
    • Pilates Classes
    • Yoga Classes

We are always happy to talk, if you have any questions give us a call or contact us here  


Common Sports and conditions our Sports Physiotherapists treat

If you have questions about any other areas or injuries please get in touch.

Running injuries are common, due to increased load, muscle imbalance, joint related issues.  Our sports physiotherapy team carry out a full body analysis and can assess your running gait objectively with our Dorsivi system.  Additionally, we have a sports science team that ensure that we can provide you with the proper plan to achieve your goals.

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Our Sports Physiotherapy team treat lots of Tennis and Squash players, all keen to get back to their sport.  Common conditions include, Tennis elbow, Shoulder impingement, Knee overload and achillies symptoms.   Sports Physiotherapy is prooven in the research to be the best evidenced based initial treatment, and in many cases the only treatment and advice needed for these injuries.

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The increase in cyclists and the amount of endurance events as well as commuting mileage, has to lead to an increase in cyclists coming to our clinic.  Many of the injuries are due to the repetitive nature of the sport and small adjustments in training technique or bike set up can often be enough to offset the symptoms.  Our Sports Physiotherapists, carry out full body assessment and will quickly identify and treat mechanical limitations.

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Nothing better than being in the fresh air at the top of a mountain.  It is a sport that requires strength and endurance of the whole body, and preparation is key to reducing injuries.  Our Sports Physiotherapy team are here to help you build a program to get you ready, or help you rehabilitate an injury.

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Twisting, turning, impact, changes in surface, adjusting to different speeds, and endurance all make football a great sport, as well as increasing the risk of injury.  The goal is to maintain your form and control of joints throughout the 90minutes, plus be robust enough to take knocks and tackles.  Our Sports Physiotherapy team are experts at treating acute injuries and building program to avoid chronic and or buildig your bodies resitances to the challenges.

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Postural and Lifting analysis from our Physiotherapist trained in lifting techniques.  The team comprises of Physiotherapists who love lifting, and we have a dedicated area to analyzing your lifting techniques and building programs to help you achieve your goals in cross fit, gym or outside.  The experts for this are Sports Physiotherapists,  Scott Branny, and Emmanuel Ovola