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Tailored programs delivered in a fun and motivational environment to achieve your goals in the most efficient way. We’ll focus on the details to get the most out of every exercise.

Why movement perfected?

Qualified Physiotherapist and Personal trainer enables a wealth of knowledge from two fields to go into every exercise, leading you to safe an effective results.

After each session you’ll be provided with a breakdown of the session and regular support along the way to your goal.

Committing to your goal

On sign up you’ll receive a starters pack preparing you for the sessions and answering all the most commonly asked questions.

Session one

Inclusive of your first workout we will incorporate baseline measures and two performance measures appropriate to your goals.  This will give us an index on which to base your progress.

Between sessions one and two, we will set out your ongoing programs in-line with your goals, time frame, and lifestyle tailoring it to achieve the best results.

Session two and onward ………

Varied programs utilizing our skills no two sessions will be the same keeping your muscles and you guessing. All will be carefully designed for the safest and quickest progress using carefully selected exercises to push you to the limit but not over it.

Post match analysis

After each session we will send you an email detailing your results – this is of benefit to your motivation but also provides us as a team a unique insight to what challenges you and how we can mold your next session to be even better.

Regular news letters

In addition to the one to one input during your sessions you will receive a regular newsletter presenting interesting facts local fitness events and guest articles on healthy eating, fitness challenges and more!

On completion of your sessions you will receive a information pack outlining future suggestions and routes to maintain your progress.

Our focus is your goal

We’re proud of our team have a look at what they get up to….