Bike Fitting with movement specialists

As Physiotherapists in our bike fitting we  analyse your movement on and off the bike to make sure you fit  the bike as well as the the bike fitting you.   Its a comprehensive two step process

1# Functional Movement Screen

Firstly we assess your movement using the FMS which gives us a baseline of your movement which will help us devise a system of exercises for you off the bike that will help you enjoy your cycling and work better with your bike.

Your body has many more moving parts than your bike and we want you to enjoy your cycle experience as much as possible.

We use the latest technology supplied by dorsivi to ensure objective measures during the functional movement screen

2# Bike fitting

Set you up on your bike and systematically adjust your set up to;

  • optimise your riding position
  • minimise the risk of injury
  • improve efficiency
  • make your cycling more enjoyable

We offer a unique and extensive range of bike fitting services, so there really is something suitable for all levels of cyclist. Why not get in touch and find out what a bike fitting could do for you!