Each of our Diagnostic Services meet established and nationally recognized quality standards, and are fully accredited by the various governing bodies for each specialty lorem ipsums sitamets disores.

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Dianostics Services

Inculding services

Bone Density

Bone Density is the most accurate method of diagnosing osteoporosis. Patients lie on a padded table as the detector passes, hips, or wrist.


Having an x-ray is like having a picture taken. High energy waves – x-ray beams – pass through the body to project an image on a film cassette.


Having an x-ray is like having a picture taken. High energy waves – x-ray beams – pass through the body to project an image on a film cassette.


A Holter Monitor is a small digital device that records the electrical conduction of your heart to measure heart rate and rhythm.

CT Scanning

CT Scanning is a special type of x-ray that takes a digital “slice” image of a patient’s body for a Radiologist to view.

Cardiac Stress

A stress test is used to assess how well your heart is functioning during physical activity lorem ipsums sitamets silonse alites.

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June 08,2016

How Physiotherapists Help Related Injuries

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June 07,2016

Tips and guideline for Injuries and Joint Replacements

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June 07,2016

Pre and Post Surgery

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June 07,2016

Hip and Knee Injuries and Joint Replacements

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June 07,2016

How Physiotherapists Help Back and Neck Pain

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