How we begun

We launched in 2014 with the vision of creating great spaces in Central London for movement therapy .  Since then we have come a long way and expanded from our original space in W1U and built on its success in EC2M with our new Physiotherapy clinic n the heart of the city.   In addition to our two homes we are busy providing corporate packages for companies around the city and west end.  Its been great fun so far and is working well for our clients and we hope you’ll join them.

The goal is and has always been for us to provide great movement therapy integrating our skills from Sports Science, Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Acupuncture, massage therapy and Personal Training to provide and all encompassing service.

Where we want to go

The vision is to become the leading movement therapy team in London. To continue to build resource and facilities that enable our clients to achieve their goals is the best and most sustainable way. To continue to be involved with the latest research and technology in our field, such as the dorsivi movement system, and to document out experiences and knowledge to provide the best resource for our client.

Our Goals

The goal of our team is to provide the best treatment for movement dysfunction.  Human movement is fascinating, and modern life is not very balanced, which can or is leading to loss of performance or pain.

  • Physiotherapy – manually moving your body parts, releasing tight tissue, analysing and fixing with a long term plan musculoskeltal dysfunction
  • Pilates – improving movement control, awareness of movement patterns, relaxation and balance.
  • Personal training – conditioning to improve performance of your body to fit a specific goal