Why Us

Movement Perfected is a team of Physiotherapists and Sport and Excercise Scientists with specialist training in Pilates.
 As a team we believe the Pilates method is perfectly suited to our clients based in the City.  We provide cooperate packages alongside our Physiotherapy and Sports Science clinics in the West end and the City
for many reasons including;
  • Breathing – helping relax the muscles and reduce tension within your body
  • Spinal elongation and core control – improving dynamic strength and posture
  • Organisation of head, neck and shoulders – improving posture
  • Spinal articulation – improving mobility
  • Alignment and weight bearing of the extremities – reducing the torsion forces on your joints and improving efficiency of movement
  • and movement integration – building to complex movements.

The goal is to make every movement as efficient as possible, decreasing your risk of injury and improving your bodies performance, whether that be for:

  •  Daily tasks
  • Improved sports performance
  • Increasing resistance to injury.