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Outcome Measures

Back Pain Oswetry Low Back Pain  The Roland Morris The Keel STarT Back Screening Tool    Neck Pain Neck Pain Index   Achillies VISA- A Achilles Tendon Questionnaire   Knee KOOS Knee Survey Oxford Knee Score   Hip HAGOS hip outcome measure  

Leg Pull Front

Body Position Quadruped shoulders over hands push up into plank position head and spine in neutral pelvis in slight posterior tilt, scapulae depressed axial elongation trunk supported with only hand and feet on floor. balls of your feet Movement/Breathing knees may be flexed resting on floor; forearms on floor supporting trunk along with feet. Variation […]

Chris’s Training

I have begun my training for Paris Roubaix and 312 Majorca.  In the last week, Elinor and I went out to Grande Canaria and had a great time cycling in the mountains.   We cycled with great guides from Free motion    Blaz Brecko and When training at home I use a Wahoo Kickr linked to Trainer road. […]

You tube channels

Example of a you tube channel we need to create

Get moving


Body Position Prone on mat, arms in a capital ‘E’ position Neutral spine, elbows in 90 degrees flexed, legs together Movement/Breathing Inhale and externally rotate arms, pivoting at elbows and floating forearms off the floor. exhale to lift arms up maintain hands higher than elbows. inhale to extend thoracic spine, bringing arms still higher. optional […]

Spine Stretch

Body Position Seated in neutral spine and pelvis legs extended arms reaching out in front, parallel to floor. Movement/Breathing Inhale to prepare. exhale, tuck in chin, lengthen the spine up and over as you flex forward one vertebrae at a time. keep pelvis stable. inhale exhale, initiate roll up to starting position by drawing the […]

Mermaid on chair

Setup 1-2 medium springs Body Position Side-sit position on top of chair. inside leg bent over top outside leg outstretched, toe touching floor arms outstretched in a T position Movement/breathing Exhale and sidebending, reaching hand down to pedal as the other arm reaches overhead. maintaining equal weight on ischium push pedal down towards the floor, […]

Lateral Flexion

Setup 1-2 light springs chair at end of trapeze table or next to two boxes – for optimal safety and biomechanics – non skid on pedals for bottom hand pad under hip Body position Sidelying, hand on pedals with shoulder directly over the hand. Place the top arm/hand at side shoulders stabilized Movement/Breathing Exhale to […]