Back and Neck Pain

How we assess and Diagose you



We combine diagnosis, treatment and patient education. Our approach is based on the rigorous use of subjective and objective assessment techniques and clear communication of our findings and the resulting treatment and/or rehabilitation approach.

1.The complete picture 


Interview and questionnaire looking at the history of your injury, symptoms, daily routines, postures, exercise, nutritional strategy and so on.  


2. Physical Examination 


Based on the findings from stage one and your goals we take you 

3. Objectives and Goals 


Your Physiotherpist will go through the objectives and goals with you. Highlighting clear targets and expectations of progress.   


4. Communication  


There will be a lot of information.  After the session your Physiotherapist will email you the plan and the key points from the session.  You will have their direct email to enable quick communication of any questions.  

5.The wider team 


Our Physiotherapists are very expereinced and can provide a full report and onward referral for you if that is the best pathway for you.   


Hands on Treatment



We use hands on treatment to improvement movement and nutrition to tissues that are stiff or sore.  To help the body restore optimal function

Manual Therapy


Our Physiotherpists are great manual therapists.  We use Spinal and joint manipulation, as well as specialist joint mobilisations.

Soft Tissue Treatment


Massage to locall relax and stretch restrictions within your muscles and attatching soft tissue.  Help balance at your joints and improved movement. 

Dry Needling  


Natural pain relief, reduced muscle tension and desesitisation of trigger points are the benefits open to you with this treatment method.  Similar to acupuncture. 



The use of traditional meridian pathways to help with pain relief, improve blood flow and relax and resptore tired body parts. 


 Exercise and Rehabiliation

Core Strength


The ability to stabilise and control the centre of your body during movement.  Our physiotherapists build strengthenig programs to help improve your daily and sporting movement patterns.  Helping you become a more sophisticated mover, improving the mechanics of your spine and inturn your movement. 


Decreasing pressure on your joints and tissues by loosening the muscles and tissues that are restricted. This includes stretching muscles mobilising nerves and freeing up joints.  Helping your movement patterns and improving the mechanics of your back and neck 

Postural Correction


Our lives are often unbalanced,  The physiotherapists are trained to analayse your movement and postures to design routines and exercise habits that will help you address these imbalances and in time build  a better stronger you. 

Biomechanical Correction


Restoring your joints to the postures and positions they work best in.  The Physiotherpists take into account movement goals, and past medical history to build an optimal plan of stretching and strengthening to help improve the way you move. 

Clincal Pilates


Developing the best pilates program for you to build balance in your body.  The value of clinical pilates is that your physiotherpist will take into account your full medial history to ensure the exercises chosen are the best ones for your body. 

Gym Based Exercise 


Our team can help you construct your gym program, using their movement knowledge and the sport science insight to build you the best program to achieve your goals in a safe manor, and set up regular reviews to keep you on track

 Surgery and Injections 



We work closley with many of the best Consultant,  Spinal and Neurosurgeons/specialists in London. We can refer to them for confirmation of diagnosis, further investigation or intervention such as injection, shockwave therapy or surgery. 


Our Physiotherpists regularly sit in on operations and consultation sessions with Consultants to ensure we are uptodate with the latest proceedures to ensure we can point you in the best direction.  Making our Physiotherapists a great first point of call.  Conservative management is always the best startiug point and our team of experts know the markers to look out for if an onward referral is the best option. 


We help clients pre and Post surgery and regularly get referrals to do so from the leading consultants across London. As part of commitment to care we keep in constant correspondance with your consultant and you throughout the process

Lower back/Lumbar Spine Surgery 


Micro disectomry, disc buldge, fusions, stenosis.  These are the most common conditions we see for the lumbar spine.  It is at the centre of your body and improtant that we get the stability and balance right to ensure the best healing and onward outcome.  Our Physiotherapists look at your goals and match them to the best program.  Providing you with clear guideline and measures along the way 

Neck/Cervical Spine Surgery 


Nicro discectomy, disc buldge and fusions are the common surgical conditions we treat for the neck.  Our Physiotherpists will help identify movement problems and build a treatment plan to strengthen the area and improve movement patterns and posture to help ensure the best outcome.  




The use of spinal injections for pain management and or inflammation can be used.  Our physiotherapists know the indications for onward referrals and the best way to manage your condition afterwards. 

Our goal is to help you move in the best way for your body.

Common Conditions Treated by our Team 

Degenerative Disc/Slipped disc
Chracterised by changes to the disc tissue within the spine.   Treatment includes manual and exercise therapy.  Clear education on the mechanids of the spine and analysis of your postural mecanics to improve your loading patterns on your spine. 
Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Anklosing Spondylitis. Are all conditions regulalry treated by our Physiotherapy team. Often presents as stiffness and lower back pain.  The goal of treatment is to improve your joint mechanics to reduce stiffness./pain
Facet Joint Pain
facet joint is the joint at the back of the spine.  This can be a pain source usually presenting with pain local to the joint.  Manual therapy will help to improvement movement in surrounding tissues and exercise will help to strengthen the muscles to support the facet joint.  

Treatment Options



Back pain and Neck pain will be assessed by our Physiotherapy team and the treatment options disucussed with you. 

Private Health Insurance

Our Physiotherapists are registered with all major Health Insurance Provders (Including Bupa and Axa PPP). This is a new Text block. 

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